Power Clean Ball Washing Ecoball

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Buy Power Clean Ball | Washing Ecoball at the best price. The washing Ecoball is a non-toxic plastic ball containing exclusively natural ceramic materials. The Ecoball has been designed to wash your clothes without using detergents. The Ecoball alters the molecular structure of water for a better absorption in fabrics. Unlike detergents, Ecoballs reduce allergenic risks, eliminate microorganisms, provide well-being, help your to save money and preserve the environment.


  • No secondary effects caused by detergent residues on your clothes
  • Removes pathogenic agents
  • No need to wash with detergents
  • Save energy
  • Preservation of water and groundwater
  • Lasts up to 1000 washes 


  • Separate colours and whites
  • Insert your clothes in the washing machine together with the Ecoball
  • Use 2 Ecoballs in washing machines with a load exceeding 4.5kg
  • Select the right programme
  • Suitable for spinning
  • Suitable for both cold and hot water (do not exceed 50ºC)
  • No need for softener
  • Exposing the Ecoball to the sun once per month can enlarge the lifespan of your Ecoball


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